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Polaroid – a homage

Posted at April 14, 2011 by Sarah Hipwell 0 Comment

I read an interesting blog post recently by Petapixel that mentioned a Polaroid camera. It reminded me of my Dad. He had a similar type of Polaroid camera.

My dad passed away seven years ago so I asked my Mum if she knew of the camera’s whereabouts.

Indeed she did. She was able to locate my Dad’s ‘Supercolor 635′.

I had never used this camera. What had me intrigued the most was, would the camera still work?

This gave me the idea of a photo shoot to pay homage. So I needed:

  • a father-like figure – my willing and patient father-in-law
  • a couple of small people – I was only able to blackmail one of my girls with ice-cream
  • a photographer with a DSLR camera – me

This exercise was not to give a comparison of the first instant film with digital.

I simply wanted to see if there was film inside my Dad’s old Polaroid and more importantly would it still operate!

As you can see from the images below, there was film inside the camera but the image didn’t quite develop properly.

My daughter’s expression summed it all up, as she held the developing photo.

I knew what she was thinking…’Oh look, a camera that acts like a printer!’

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